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Poetry Day!

The time is nearing

We must leave this place --

She has not - will not come --

I am here.

As I always have been --

My Pupil,

I see the cold realization dawning in your mind

The last thing - you must learn

Come --

The sun edges toward the horizon

Covering the dark clouds with red and gold

Rain falls softly beckoning us

Leaving the thick fog to take hold of the valley below

We must not linger

There is little time to escape

Follow me now - to the shadows

That we both love --

But - your Eyes flicker with disapating hope --

My love, I understand

I - too - once stood --

On this same rocky cliff

Eyeing the horizon

Anxiously waiting a sign

She did not come for me = either

She will not come for you

Yet -

Longing still possesses your soul

Your heart - cannot believe the truth

I will bring you here again tomorrow --

To wait -

But still - She will not come.

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