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The Magic Bubble Wand Series


On a beautiful summer day, Erin finds herself cleaning the old attic in her grandmother's house.  Amid the broken toys, old clothes and dusty furniture, she finds an old bubble wand.  When the bubble wand turns out to more than just an ordinary old toy, Erin is transported to new, exciting worlds.  In each world, she finds herself a double of another girl that lives there and an adventure in store!

The Castle in the Bubble

BK.1 of the Magic Bubble Wand Series


by: Lori Forrest

Illustrated by: Thi Nguyen (Houdi)





An old bubble wand. A hazy image in a bubble. POP! And suddenly, Erin is pulled into a new world -- a medieval town, complete with a castle. Mistaken for the princess who has gone missing, she finds herself in danger and on the adventure of a lifetime. With the help of her new friend, Jeffrey, Erin finds clues to the missing princess and fights to save the kingdom.Join Erin on her first adventure in the magic bubble as she discovers the past of this new world. She must decide who to trust and learns she is braver and stronger than she thought!


Chapter Book ages 7-10.  122 pages.

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The Underwater Bubble

BK.2 of the Magic Bubble Wand Series


by: Lori Forrest

Illustrated by: Thi Nguyen (Houdi)



Something is happening to the ocean!


It’s up to Erin to find out what it is.  This time the Bubble takes Erin underwater to a whole new adventure full of mysteries and mermaids.  Will she be able to help them?  Will she be able to befriend Kai, the merman she has to work with?  Will the new bonds of friendship be enough to save the ocean?  Find out in Book 2 of The Magic Bubble Wand Series, The Underwater Bubble.


Chapter Book ages 7-10.

Read Chapter 1 now!


The Dragon's Bubble

BK.3 of the Magic Bubble Wand Series

by: Lori Forrest

Illustrated by: Thi Nguyen (Houdi)

The home of the Dragons is in danger!

The magic bubble wand sends Erin to a village high in the mountains. There she finds the village has already been attacked by raiders and Ashlyn, who is needed to obtain the protective Dragon Stone, is too afraid even to start the journey up the mountain. Can Erin help her timid friend prove she is worthy of the Dragon Stone?

Chapter Book ages 7-10

Read Chapter 1 now!

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Bought this book for my 8 yr. old grandaughter! A most amazing adventure to share with her! We are looking forward to Erin's next journey into the "World of Bubbles". Great work Lori and Thi! ~¡~

The Castle in the Bubble is  the coolest book ever according to my ten-year-old daughter and nine year old son.  My kids traveled with Erin on her wild and thrilling adventure through the Magic Bubble into a world of Castles, Princesses and Villainous plots. The Castle in the Bubble is beautifully Illustrated and highly creative. It is easy to read and hard to set down. We are eagerly awaiting the next adventure by Lori Forrest in the Magic Bubble Wand series.

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