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About the Author, Lori Forrest

Lori has a BA in English from the University of Puget Sound.  She is owner of Pencil Point Arts specializing in freelance graphic design and writing.


She served for a year as president of UP for Arts, a local non-profit that promotes public art and local artists and still is highly involved with them.  She lives in Washington state with her four amazing children that keep her inspired day after day, and on her toes! 

Her inspiration for this book series comes from her own childhood where she would spend hours outdoors chasing down and catching bubbles. Bubbles warp what we see when they refract and reflect the light. As a child, this fascinated her and she would envision whole new worlds encased in the bubbles different from the world she knew.

About the Illustrator, Thi Nguyen

Growing up in Vietnam and moving to the United States in later years, Thi absorbed the colorful and diverse differences in many cultures. To her, images are the stories she wishes to convey, and the adventures she can bring with her imagination. She weaves her cultures and studies into her art as an effort to bring together the places she calls home. The quiet evening atop a bustling city, the landscape which drapes over the never ending fields, the subtle emotions on her beloved faces are what she seeks in her illustrations. Thi is fluent in both Vietnamese and English, but she speaks loudest with her illustrations.

She graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 and is trained in a variety of medium, ranging from digital media, pen and ink, to watercolour, gouache, and even oil painting.

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